Importing rare and exotic fish from around the world

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White trumpet knifefish (Orthostemarchus tamandua)

Marble motoro and teacup stingrays.



Salminus brasilensis (golden dorado), Anaconda swamp eel.


Gymnogeophagus sp. Obera and Australoheros sp. Rio Uruguary, Spotted silver dollars and Gymnogeophagus balzanii.


Stingrays eating food, small L190 red eye royal eating yam


Customer's tank - Marble motoro stingrays and a tiger stingrays.

P46 Stingray humerosa - mosaic, stingray motoro, and South American puffer fish.


Marble motoro - smallest one is male, rest is females, and geophagus daemon, surinamensis, true parrot fish, and a couple of oddies...


Bleeding heart tetra, roberty tetra, wild blue rams, apistogramma panduro

Marble motoro and Cichlasoma ornatus


Apistogramma panduro and motoro stingray


True blue tetra, loreto tetra, and 1 altum angel

Marble motoro and L330 watermelon


L273 titanic and L25 scarlet


Tefe green discus


Thai silk flowerhorn and thailand betta



Flower and marble motoro stingrays



Zebra knife fish and gulper catfish


Hand feeding marble motoro stingrays



Blue whale catfish